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Kickstarter Campaign… A Year in Review.

Wow, what a year. Running two campaigns and developing a product from start to finish. It was a lot of work but it was very informative and quite the trip.

Developing a product in this setting was different than any project I’ve done in school. Normally you make things to please your professor or something that your passionate about, this time it’s completely different. Now when developing a product you not only want to make something that you’re happy about but something that will have a market and something that has the potential to attract an audience. One thing I would put into consideration when designing something for a Kickstarter that is different than a normal project is not only how the object will be produced, but if the material choices you make are affordable, if your goal is $750,000 because you made your product out of solid diamond chances are it won’t get funded.¬†Are you looking for vinyl cutting machine? In you can find the features of different model of machines, in that way you can take the smarter decision.

Once you start developing the page don’t make the same mistakes that I made, videos with talking and good shots of the product are very important. Make sure that your page is interesting and have fun doing it. It will but obvious if you don’t put effort into your page or if you’re not passionate about your project, so make sure that you are happy with what you are creating and how you present it. Remember that you can do a slight change or two to your product once launched so don’t stress over little things. Compare your page to something that you would normally read and if it doesn’t hold your or your classmates’ attention chances are it won’t be interesting to potential backers. Once launched take advantage of friends and family. Spam them with links and ask them to share as much as possible, although this may seem like cheating… it’s not. Getting the word out to as many people as possible is very important and something that I struggled with. When doing your Quickstarter at the beginning of the semester make sure to test social media and get your name out there. It may not seem like it would help much, but it does.

I think that the most important part of this entire course is to absorb as much information as you can. Getting the opportunity to speak with manufacturers about an object you designed is something that you don’t get to do really at all in this school. Also, the spreadsheets that you make will help you with other projects in the future. The way that I look at projects since taking this course is completely different and the ability to start making your own products increased at the end of the year!


EPD is a great class! I’m so happy I had the opportunity to learn not only a new style of product development but a new platform to potentially share products.

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