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Industrial Design

Banju Bathtub Spout Cover


01. Intro

What is Banju?

This was an entry for the International Housewares Show student competition. Banju is a device that controls the amount of sound being produced by a filling bathtub by redirecting the water to the bottom of the tub instead of letting it fall directly from the spout.

02. Ideation

Steps to the Finished Product

When coming up with the idea for Banju I thought of everything from an entire bathtub that fills up from the bottom to a new type of metal spout people could put in their bathtubs. I eventually went with the idea of making Banju something that could be attached to someones already existing bath spout. 

03. Usage

How is it Used?

After rounds of sketches and physical prototypes the final form of Banju was created. The soft flexible body allows for the water to flow through quietly and allows for the user to bump into the device without harming themselves.