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Industrial Design

LUZ Shared Work Space Lighting


01. Intro

What is LUZ?

In a team of two we designed a light that produces directional lighting and allows for different colors of light for different situations. The light would connect to a mobile device via bluetooth and be able to have the color of light changed to fit the situation

02. Ideation

What Will it Look Like?

When we realized that we wanted to make a light for people who worked in shared spaces the biggest challenge was trying to make something that would positively impact the user but make sure that it wouldn't interrupt those working around them. 

Make Concept

Our first idea was to make something small and collapsible, this would allow the user to use a light but not take up a lot of space. But then we realized that more than space something that could negatively effect the people surrounding the user is the light coming from the device. This is where we got the idea of creating a directional light.

Prototyping & Design

We had come up with many different forms, but after a couple rounds of sketches and some rough prototypes we kept coming back to this puck form. We knew that we wanted to stick with the idea of directional lighting so our next step was to figure out how large to make the cut out on the cylinder to allow the user to get the maximum amount of light.

03. Usage

How Does LUZ Work?

Through research we discovered how different colored light makes the body act. We then found on average what people are doing during their day and split them into 4 categories of light, energized, focused, rest, and relaxed. We then made LUZ's light change color to match those four different situations one might be in.