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Industrial Design

ICFF Lighting Project Rezina


01. Intro

What is Rezina?


Rezina is a lamp that would be used in the home. The lights used inside of this lamp are RGB bluetooth LEDs. This decision was made beacuse when deciding on what kind of wood to use for the body I thought using colored light would look best, but instead of forcing the user to have a color chosen for them, I decided to put that decision in the hands of the user. The way the lights are diffused is with frosted acrylic. The acrylic was frosted by hand using a sylica blaster.

02. Ideation

How Rezina Came to Be

From the beginning I knew I wanted to create something that could be described as, “a directional light that provides a relaced atmosphere to support leisure in the home.” When starting out I played with the idea of creating something more modular, but as time went on I found myself interested in this simple geometic angled form.

03. Usage

How Does Rezina Work?

Rezina is a directional light providing a relaxed atmosphere to support leisure in the home. The form gives the illusion that there is more coming from beneath the table. Rezina's soft blue light and light wooden body allows for the lamp to look interesting both on and off. The lights used in the lamp are Bluetooth LEDs that allow the user to chose the color.