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Second Semester! Oh Boy!

Hey there. Long time no see… my bad.


So after getting feedback from our end of the semester critique, I went back to the drawing board and started redesigning my frames from the start. The first thing I did was got rid of the cassette frames. When doing more research on different social media groups and visiting different music shops I noticed that much like what was said during the semester’s final critique was true, people love cassettes but don’t display them. The one note I was given that stuck out the most was that I was using too much material. The original reason I went with the idea of a full back and sides was my concern that there would be too much pressure on specific points of the vinyl itself, or that over time the weight of vinyl record could ruin the sleeve. After some thought and research, I realized that there are 3 main contact points are important to preserving the quality of the vinyl, the middle of the bottom and the middle of the two sides.

This got me thinking, what is the best way to hold ones beloved albums without worried about absolutely obliterating them without using the same about of material that a Boeing 747 uses? I got rid of 90% of the material I originally used. By making a 1/2″  wide plus that has a 1/8″ fold at the end you can cover all of those pressure points that I previously mentioned while using the least amount of material. Instead of using a large bracket in the back I will be using a wall mounted 25″ magnetic holder that is normally used to hold knives in a kitchen setting. To source these I have been in the process of contacting different manufacturers of 16″ magnetic strips on Alibaba and finding one who can create this strip for me.

Here are some renderings to make what I’m saying make more sense…


Now with this design finished I have to send out the new design drawings and get feedback and a quote to see what it would cost to get a set of 50 sets produced. One piece of information I received that was very helpful was the sizes of sheet metal the different companies use are mostly standard and I have gotten prices for the just the metal itself. With this information, I can lay out how many pieces can fit on each sheet. With the reduced size of each individual piece, I am able to fit more pieces on each sheet, so this will not only save production costs, but it will also make the weight of the overall package reduced saving money on shipping.

My next step is to get FINAL quotes from both manufacturers I will be working with and get a sample from both ASAP.

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