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The Design Process

Something I haven’t focused on much is the amount of work that went into just designing the Jalopy coasters. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do when we were told we had to do a Quickstarter and I quickly learned that all my ideas were WAY too ambitious. I had done sketches for different types of lamps and clocks but again, those were not something that I could have realistically done. After some thought I knew that I wanted to do something involving old cars, what that was I wasn’t sure yet. Jalopy was originally going to be a line of 3D printed or wooden toy cars with minimal painting. After discussing this idea with my peers and professor I was again realizing that I was in way over my head. Finally, I knew I wanted to do something print related, so I decided to do a stationary set. I spent the next couple days deciding what cars I wanted to illustrate and how I was going to do it, the process was going smoothly until it hit me… the community that is interested in old junk cars probably aren’t the same people who would want stationery sets. so that is where the idea of making coasters came in. I decided to laser engrave the drawings I had made into some cork and create a set of minimalistic coasters that would look good in anyone’s garage or workshop!

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